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BT Steps is Waypoint Health’s web-based cognitive behavior therapy program for obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). BT Steps features exercises and multimedia content to engage patients, emulate the best practices of expert cognitive behavior therapists, and provide users with a customized self-management program for OCD. TangoSource has been the web development team for Waypoint Health since October 2012, and has helped launch BT Steps, along with other products leveraging the same core technology.


  • Tangosource created a section to administer video and audio files that consists of uploading a specific format of video and audio files and uses a third-party service to encode them to different formats and upload them. All the files are uploaded in asynchronous mode using AJAX and background jobs in Web 2.0 style.
  • We helped the customer to migrate their servers to a new, more stable and scalable architecture.
  • We helped the customer to plan and create a feature that allow his applications to create white label instances of their product instead of creating new server instances.
  • We implemented FilepickerIO combined with Zencoder as a third party service in a feature that allows Admins to upload video and audio files that in the end are hosted in S3 buckets.

Technologies Used

Ruby on Rails, jQuery, Ext JS, MongoDB


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