The viral revolution has begun

Queue is revolutionizing social marketing with the world’s first viral marketing solution. At the heart is the Smart Line, an innovative gamified queuing system for amplifing pre-launch signups, pre-orders, contests, and giveaways at speed and scale.

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  • Built the MVP for DEMO launch.
  • Migrated from Rails 3.2 to 4.1.
  • Built integration of the platform with current e-commerce providers and Crowdfunding platforms (kickstarter, indiegogo, celery, shop locket).
  • Increased test coverage from 20% up to 85%.
  • Provided technical advise for business processes inside Queue.
  • Integrated social media for viral marketing by tracking each one of the user’s actions inside Facebook, Twitter and Google+.
  • Added flexibility to data architecture for integrating e-commerce partners easier.
  • Developed analytics dashboard using social reach sources and D3.js.
  • Re-designed the code architecture by implementing OOP design patterns.

Technologies Used

Rails 4, Redis, MongoDB, AngularJS


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