Flowers in hours

FTD continues to grow as a premier gifting company and floral shop specializing in online flower delivery and gift giving.

TangoSource was the core development team for Wallflowers, a Facebook application for FTD which helps people celebrate their friend’s birthdays through virtual bouquets. Friends can contribute sentiment to these bouquets prior to the birthday, and invite mutual friends to make the birthday even more special. The bouquet experience, with friend sentiments, is shared with the end recipient when their birthday occurs.


  • Used the Facebook Open Graph API for birthday and friend discovery, and bouquet sharing.
  • Create 2 new designs from scratch with compatibility with IE8, and responsive design
  • Metrics through Mixpanel

Technologies Used

Ruby on Rails, jQuery, Backbone, Compass, Susy (Sass plugin), Sass, CoffeeScript, Heroku, Postgresql, Facebook Open Graph API by Koala gem, Amazon S3


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