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Create allows you to efficiently manage real estate investments through a full suite of tools made for owners, investors and building industry professionals.

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  • Designed and implemented backend architecture using express.js/node.js.
  • Designed and implemented user accounting system.
  • Designed and implemented backend API architecture.
  • Implemented angularJS as front-end framework.
  • Designed and implemented pub/sub architecture for real-time events using socket.io
  • Built project feature. Store set of properties.
  • Built the project collaborative chat.
  • Designed and implemented DB architecture for map filters supporting multiple sessions with different filters for each session.
  • Built a private invitation system.
  • Built multiple angular directives to validate date and show content based on user access level.

Technologies Used

Node JS, Angular JS, Express JS, Grunt, Bower, Bookshelf JS, Postgres, SASS, Bootstrap, Socket.IO


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