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Adobe is an American multinational software company headquartered in San Jose, California.


Adobe wanted to roll out a Journey Mapping tool for the Product Development team with the purpose of improving the customer experience for an expanding number of touchpoints for Adobe products.


  • Tangosource created the Journey Mapping tool by rendering and parsing an excel file into dynamic multiple 2D graphs using HTML canvas in Javascript.
  • Frontend architecture built in BackboneJS using Event Driven Development to support the drawing of multiple maps and the ability to switch between them easily.
  • Syncing O365 Microsoft spreadsheet against our Journey Mapping tool in real time.
  • Implemented a caching strategy built in Redis and NodeJS for the parsed files.


  • Adobe’s UX team was able to get feedback from various teams involved in the development of Adobe products in real time.
  • Helped Product teams improve the overall customer experience.
  • This resulted in faster and more customer-facing product development efforts.

Technologies Used

NodeJS, Redis, BackboneJS, PaperJS


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