Hi all! This time we are starting a new series of blogposts called: “Get to know our developers”. With these, our goal is to showcase the talents that are part of the TangoSource team, for everyone in the world to know we are proud of having them onboard. Today we’ll start with one of the youngest members of the team: Iván Velasquez.


The guy himself.

Could you tell us a little bit about yourself?

My name is Ivan Velasquez and I am 20 years old. Here in TangoSource I work as a Software Developer. grew up in Puerto Vallarta, in the neighbouring state of Jalisco, which is a great place to vacation with tons of beaches. Most of my family lives there. Since I can remember, even though I had good grades, I was a trouble maker. I remember that I was forced to change to a technical school where I heard about programming for the first time. I didn’t know anything about it at that time, so I was curious. So this lead me to know more about programming and computers. I thought it was amazing so I learned everything I could, spend lots of time playing with code and hacking. I didn’t know it was called hacking at that time, but I was doing it regardless.

The more I learned, the more hooked I was. Eventually it was an easy decision to start working full time as a developer. When I needed to find a university to study, I looked up for universities with careers of software engineer. The University of Colima was the best choice. I found appealing that the school had a good reputation and interesting career opportunities.

I was able to apply to a scholarship. This helped me to pay for my living expenses while studying because I needed to be self-sustainable and support my family. I worked for the university for a couple of years maintaining and creating internal systems. Did a bit of freelancing as well. At this point I was a dedicated student with good grades. In part because I loved it, but also because I could lose the scholarship if my grades were low. So I needed to keep my grades, keep my work and support my family.

What is the most surprising thing you’ve learned while working at Tangosource?

Everything I’ve learned has been amazing. I’m surprised at how much new stuff I learn each day. For example, I’ve realized that most better and worst parts, but I learned that in order to become a great developer I need to focus on the better parts mostly. In previous jobs they asked me to build things regardless of the quality. But here in Tangosource not only I can make it work, but also follow best practices. Also, I get feedback to improve my code quality.

Pair programming is something that caused a very positive impact on me. I knew the concept before joining the company, however I’ve come to understand it much better since I started practicing it in Tangosource. When I’m pairing with a more experienced developer I notice that my partner is strengthening his knowledge while I am learning in more depth and quickly.

What is your most memorable Tangosource moment?

When I finished my training and moved to a real life project. The first contact with the project I was overwhelmed by the complexity of the code and architecture. However I had support and encouragement from the team and I was able to catch up quickly. This allowed me to overcome my fears and helped me build my confidence.

Once I got acquainted with the project I loved to see the impact the project has on the users. We’ve got statistics from real users and learned how the application changed people’s lives. I didn’t imagine that our work could have such a huge impact. So many lives changed thanks to our team and our work.

How do you embrace the TangoSource lifestyle at home?

I do it not only at home, but also at school. I love to transmit our culture to my fellow students. I try to share our values by sharing knowledge and teaching our habits and the reasons to do so. I’ve been training other students (potential candidates) that I look forward to see joining Tangosource soon.

I’ve been able to socialize more than in previous jobs. Because I found people with the same interests than me. We can share activities together, have fun, geek out, and enjoy each other’s company. For instance we can play the same games together, at lunch we play Super Smash Bros with a Nintendo 64. I know it’s old school, but it’s a blast.

If you weren’t at work, what would you be doing?

Nowadays I spend lots of time at school studying or hanging out with friends. I’m finishing my university degree soon. I also like spending time with my girlfriend and visit my family every time I can. Actually, I was able to visit my family and work remotely for a couple of weeks. I really enjoy the freedom I have to travel.

Thanks for reading!