Taking the best that all of North America has to offer, and bringing it into one place.


Established in 2009, TangoSource is a boutique digital agency that specializes in speeding up the development process for modern web products and mobile products. We collaborate with startups and companies that want the best that modern innovation has to offer.

Our customer’s journey mirrored that of TangoSource’s co-founders, who wanted to engage deeply on product development, and needed to find a reliable and affordable product development partner. They established a strong team in Mexico. Our network of partners made it clear their needs mirrored what we’d done for ourselves, and it was a natural progression to start offering our services to the outside world.


Cultural understanding

Central time zone

Physical proximity

US and NAFTA IP protection

NAFTA visa


Pursue and reward growth and learning

Create remarkable customer experiences and deliver deep value

Treat team members with respect and develop potential

Embrace constructive failure

Be determined and disciplined

Create passionate partnership with customers, team members, and the community

Be resourceful

Practice open and honest communication at all levels

Be humble

Geek out

Support personal freedom


The team I work with at Tango is the most pleasant and upstanding that I’ve worked with during my entire career, anywhere. They have a fantastic attitude toward their work and their client.
Brett Coleman, CEO at Waypoint Health
As an ambitious, but still small startup building a Software as a Service product, we needed help developing our core user infrastructure. We hired Tangosource for two long contracts where they worked directly with our development team as experts. They helped mentor our novice developers, fully engaged in our agile process, and built out a solid core of infrastructure for our application. Tangosource delivered excellent workmanship, spot on architecture design, and quality software development.
Laura Ferguson, CTO at Create
Tangosource is a top-notch and responsive ruby team. Each member of the team - from the Project Manager to the most junior developer - is a professional who cares deeply about product development and working in an iterative, agile environment. Eric Siegfried is also a lean start-up savant and entrepreneur who educates the consumer throughout the development process.
Val Brennan, CEO at letsdo.com

I really enjoyed working with the TangoSource team. Not only did they put together some solid code but they kept us in the loop every step of the way. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them for any project.
Kenji Crosland, consultant at vittana.org
Tangosource worked diligently to take my concept and bring it to reality. They took in the positives and negatives of my ideas and visions to figure out the solution that would work best. Tangosource was patient in answering all of my questions and was a great partner in my first Ruby on Rails Implementation.
Yaw Owusu-Barima, Founder at carindustrie.com


We are committed to bringing innovative ideas to life, by partnering to meet the commercial and technological needs of our customers.